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Having left the constraints of the NHS to establish a consultancy, my mission, along with some of my colleagues is to enhance the experience of healthcare delivery for individuals at every stage of their lives. Believing that the interaction between the person and their healthcare journey is of utmost importance. That's why we strive to improve the quality of healthcare-related services making them more accessible to everyone. 

 Implementation Support 

Supporting the whole life cycle of implementation

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Protecting our environment for future generations

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Safe Hands Programme 

Prioritising patients through empowering the people around them.


Bringing your story to the top of the agenda

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Rutland Community Trust - Chris's story

Chris is a service user who as part of the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland connected care programme has been able to improve the management of his long term health.
Through the use of the whzan blue box, Chris and other residents have been able to avoid challenging and at times frighening hospital admissions. 
You can access the full evaluation in the publications section below.

I have a wealth of experience and expertise in Nursing and Patient Safety management, as well as a strong commitment to advocating for system-wide transformation and empowering individuals within the healthcare system.

My combination of clinical experience, educational background, and leadership roles at local and national levels equips me with a unique perspective and the ability to drive meaningful change. Still a regular visitor to my networks, as a member of Loughborough Alumni, I continue to support the next generation of Patient Safety experts through its programs.

My focus on bringing the voice of patients and frontline staff to the forefront of decision-making is crucial for creating healthcare systems that prioritise quality, safety, and patient-centered care.

Empowering others to excel in their roles, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement also ensures that the needs and perspectives of those directly involved in healthcare delivery are recognised and addressed.

Dedicated to influencing change at both local and national levels shouts out my commitment to making a difference in healthcare on a broader scale, I've developed invaluable assets to drive innovation, improving outcomes in the NHS and beyond.

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