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LLR nominated or further HSJ awards

We are very proud to be recognised for our work in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and be given the opportunity to invite others to benefit too.


Now 12 months on, we went back to the homes involved in the LLR connected care pilot to see in their words how they got on, equally how we could leverage further scale.


Remote Monitoring: Enables monitoring of patients outside clinical settings, increasing access to care and reducing costs.

Telehealth: Distributes health services and information via telecommunications, facilitating long-distance care, advice, and monitoring.

Telecare: Provides technologies to support individuals to remain independent at home, distinct from telehealth and telemedicine.


We uncovered more opportunities to interface across social care from a budget perspective. Plus how well people could be further supported by providing carers with a bigger voice both verbally and digitally by access to the teams around them using remote monitoring via a telehealth system.


Already connected to the bigger systems such as Systmone, we are talking to people who will be the receivers of that information and how they can utilise the benefits in their work.


The data collected has improved the quality of documentation, confidence and supported homes during periods of isolation.


Recognising system benefits of £970,000 the programme has more than covered the costs.

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