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My journey to These Hands

Updated: Jun 27

Hey there. I'm Tara. You might already know that or we might be beginning our journey together. I thought it would be useful to explain a little about how I've ended up with my own wonderful business, These Hands Academy.

Firstly, at heart, I'm a critical care nurse with a passion for patient safety. After completing my training in the 1990's I spent most of my nursing development at Guys and St Thomas’s teaching hospital in London.

I've been that clinical responder and understand the pressures of the healthcare system, especially with new, improving technology implemetation. I have worked with brilliant people and have grown some amazing teams in various parts of the UK. I have equally translated what I do into a digital format, designed virtual training modules, rolled out electronic observations in the Midlands plus I contributed to the National virtual ward development during covid.

I have consolidated the last 30 years of specialist training and personal life events into the role I do today, supporting people to live well in the place of their choice by enabling those around them to have a bigger voice, improved confidence, and a simplified system to work in.

Outside of work, offshore sailing is my happy place and anything else water-based. I was taught by my dad and have sailed across the busiest shipping channel in Europe in a small catamaran. It was rather scary but I survived to tell the tale.

So...These Hands...


Why An Academy?

People tend to think school, and yet our whole lives we are learning in one way or another.

At These Hands Academy we use qualitative and quantitative data to understand how systems behave and then seize opportunities for proactive change.


Healthcare is moving towards using digital enablement, supporting clinical decision-making, sending validated data and providing one version of the truth.


This will never be able to replace touch, empathy, and intuition. Soft signs tell us something or someone is deteriorating, communication is key to recognition and response.


Our passion is to empower people to use a common language both verbally and digitally to have a bigger voice but importantly to be heard.


So often policy is left behind waiting for research, yet as a collective, I believe we can change social policy by uncovering golden nuggets of innovation that are often hiding and bringing those voices to a safe space where everyone can benefit.

I'm proud that I've been able to positively impact thousands of lives in what I do, but I'm also very aware that I'm still learning and devote spare time (outside of sailing) to self & industry improvement.

So...that's me. Perhaps my journey is just beginning and I very much hope you can be a part of it too :)


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