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The LeDeR Programme

The LeDeR programme, funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement, was established in 2017 to improve healthcare for people with a learning disability and autistic people. LeDeR aims to:

  • Improve care for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

  • Reduce health inequalities for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

  • Prevent people with a learning disability and autistic people from early death.


The LeDeR report 2023 identified


•       42% have died an avoidable death

•       54% have mental health problems

•       On average live 20 years less

•       Face huge challenges accessing healthcare



We wanted to make improvements that could address some of those challenges. As part of the LLR connected care programme, we provided supported living homes with a Whzan Blue Box. We actively encouraged people to use it every 28 days to monitor vital signs building a picture over time that can be shared with a clinician enabling people to remain at home.




“With some of our more challenging residents, who do not like intervention or invasion of personal space, I actively involve them, I ask them to hold the ipad for instance when taking blood pressure, I have even done blood pressure on a doll! this is to reassure the resident, I have also advised the staff to leave 1 finger nail unvarnished as this can interfere with the thing you put on the finger for stats, oxygen. Residents are now used to seeing the 'blue box' to be honest it makes them feel important to have observations done and recorded. it an immediate way to trigger a GP call or 999”.


Chris, a resident with additional needs, wanted to share his story to enable others to access the benefits and we wanted to help him do that. We spent a day at his home getting everyone involved in telling his story. To celebrate and gain further reach we put Chris’ story forward for an HSJ award and will be supporting him through each stage of the process to the evening's event.


You can download a copy of the report and more information here


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