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The story behind our name & logo

On the face of it (or hands if we want to stay on brand), my hands are no different to those of others working across healthcare services.

Many years ago, whilst at an organisational development day as part of my regional patient safety role, we had to describe a part of our body in relation to the work we did. I chose These Hands.

These hands have held the hands of others as they've left this world, they have shaken hands with those who have arrived, and touched many others in between.

When chosing a name for my business it was the thing that resonated with me most. Our work supports many elements of healthcare all of which involve people who work with their hands on many system levels, working to improve outcomes for people by using systems thinking to enable one system for the system.


Our Logo

Inspired by a story we often don’t hear, the rescue of every person on board the Saint-Malo as it sank in 1995 during a passage from Jersey to Sark, all 307 people were rescued by emergency services and other ships in the area.

From raising the alarm to the response, everyone knew what to do and how to help because a common language in the form of a mayday call which brought together services and volunteers to benefit others.

Imagine if we could do that in our everyday lives.


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