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Empowering you, one person at a time

Improving outcomes through behaviour change

Enhancing the experience of healthcare delivery for individuals at every stage of their lives

Facilitating positive change

How we helped the NHS & local government to work together at a residential home for those with additional needs.

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Committed to Transforming Healthcare

At These Hands Academy, we are dedicated to promoting patient safety by prioritising system-wide learning and amplifying the voices of users within organisations. By putting the needs of patients first, we can create a safer and more effective healthcare system for all.


Discovery & Analysis






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Expertise in Healthcare

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Utilising Data for Better Outcomes

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Producing evaluations for wider adoption

Healthcare options for clients

Implementation support

Supporting the whole life cycle of implementation

By integrating patient safety principles into the design and management of socio-technical systems, healthcare organisations can proactively identify and mitigate risks. They also improve communication and collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, and enhance the usability and effectiveness of technology and tools used in patient care. 

Safe Hands programme

Prioritising patients through empowering the people around them.

The Safe Hands Programme runs workshops, training and offers a virtual resource for people who want to learn about proactive patient safety, continuous quality improvement and human factors to implement it into their projects.

Health in hands

Our thoughts and case studies

Client Testimonials

Why the NHS trust us

Nursing times finalist

"Improved outcomes for the population"

This programme has demonstrated the art of the possible within the Integrated Care System, focusing on collaboration enabled by technology to improve outcomes for the population.


It has helped develop the foundations of an ambitious virtual care strategy that will transcend health and social care

Dr Gurnak Dosanjh (DCCIO)

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