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These Hands Academy Ltd

These Hands Academy Ltd is dedicated to promoting Patient Safety by prioritising system-wide learning and amplifying the voices of users within organisations. I believe that by putting the needs of patients first, we can create a safer and more effective healthcare system for all.


Navigating healthcare is complex!

Understanding socio-technical systems with patient safety at the forefront is crucial for creating healthcare environments that prioritise the well-being of patients while recognising the complex interactions between people, technology, and organisational structures. By integrating patient safety principles into the design and management of socio-technical systems, healthcare organisations can proactively identify and mitigate risks, improve communication and collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, and enhance the usability and effectiveness of technology and tools used in patient care. By taking a socio-technical systems approach to patient safety, healthcare organisations can create environments that are resilient, adaptable, and responsive to the needs of patients and caregivers, ultimately leading to safer and more effective healthcare delivery.

Established in 2023, the consultancy has generated a creative license to reach out, improving outcomes through the vernacular of people.


Situated on the River Soar, Loughborough is a market town in the Charnwood Borough of Leicestershire, England; it is the seat of Charnwood Borough Council and the location of Loughborough University

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